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12 Foods You Didn’t Know Could Kill You

    We need food to stay alive. Food is a big part of many holidays and some of our best memories. There are always new dishes to discover, whether you prefer comfort food or are willing to take a risk and try fusion. Here are 12 foods that can kill you.

    But you shouldn’t eat everything that is consumed. This list looks at common foods that have toxic parts or can be dangerous if they aren’t cooked right and a few tasty treats you might find while travelling.

    Also, we’ll look at the thing that kills the most people in the U.S.

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    12. Nutmeg

    Nutmeg is the seed’s kernel, a widely growing spice in the Caribbean and Indonesia, imparts a toasty, sweet flavour and a Thanksgiving-like aroma to meals.

    It also has psychedelic properties. A teaspoon of raw nutmeg causes a rapid heartbeat, nausea, dry mouth, and vomiting. The majority of the nutmeg in your spice cabinet isn’t natural.

    It is rarely deadly, but you may wish to die because the symptoms will endure for a few days.

    11. Mushrooms

    Most people are aware that eating wild mushrooms is not a good idea. In case you didn’t know, mushrooms may be extremely dangerous, and even professionals have misidentified a bad mushroom as a good one.

    Not all toxic mushrooms are also vividly coloured. Kidney damage, nausea, vomiting, cramps, and diarrhoea are among the symptoms.

    Some mushrooms are deadly and have been implicated in the deaths of Emperor Claudius, a tsar, and a pope. Mushrooms purchased from a grocery shop usually are safe.

    10. Kidney Beans

    Who knew kidney beans could be poisonous? It turns out that they contain a glycoprotein known as lectin. This protein kills the cells in your stomach, resulting in severe nausea, diarrhoea, and vomiting.

    It is relatively simple to avoid kidney bean poisoning. If using dry beans, soak them for at least 5 hours in water. This is especially critical if you’re using a slow cooker for cooking kidney beans.

    Next may keep the doctor away, but.

    9. Apples

    In Snow White, the Wicked Queen was on track. Apples are naturally high in cyanide, a highly poisonous chemical. Cyanide is found in the seeds. Therefore avoid eating the core.

    It would take a lot of apple seeds to poison yourself, so why risk it?

    Pesticides adhere to the apple skin and get waxed into the apple during usual picking, which is a more severe problem. For the best results, wash the fruit and remove the wax coating.

    8. Puffer Fish

    When visiting Japan, you will encounter quite distinct food. Fugu is one speciality. This puffer fish can cause paralysis or even death if not adequately prepared.

    The liver and other internal organs are highly poisonous. Some chefs leave just enough liver to give your tongue a tingling sensation. You could die if you consume too much!

    Symptoms range from tingling to respiratory paralysis. In the United States, fugu poisoning can occur; be sure you know which ocean fish you are eating!

    7. Honey

    If the bees got nectar or pollen from the wrong plants, honey that hasn’t been heated might have pyrrolizidine alkaloids. PAs can cause liver cirrhosis and cancer. Pasteurization eliminates the PAs.

    Botulism is another risk with honey. Botulism can be dangerous in small doses, but the levels in honey are low enough that healthy adults can consume it.

    Children under twelve months can’t consume honey or honey products. Heating honey will also not help.

    6. Celery

    What could be so dangerous about raw celery? The dieter’s snack: is crunchy, water-rich, and bland enough to complement the cheese.

    It turns out that there are over 64 distinct compounds on and in celery. Celery absorbs a lot of water from the ground as it develops, including a wide range of insecticides.

    Whether or not you believe in pesticide safety, you should do yourself a favour and buy organic celery.

    5. Blueberries

    Berries are another product with a lot of pesticide and fertilizer residue. Farmers need a lot of insecticides and fertilizers to get their crops to market since the berries are delicate and popular with insects.

    Blueberries contain 52 pesticides that are causing harm to people and the environment.

    Surprisingly, buying frozen berries had a lower pesticide residue. Buy frozen berries if you wish to consume them.

    4. Ackee

    To get “Jamaican Vomiting Sickness,” eat one unripe or overripe Ackee.

    This Jamaican national fruit is related to the lychee. Ackee is high in beneficial fatty acids and vitamins and is low in calories.

    The seeds, as well as the unripe and overripe meat, are poisonous. Seizures and severe hypoglycemia can result from eating inadequately prepared fruit.

    3. Brazil Nuts

    Brazil nuts are high in selenium, an essential trace mineral for the body. Selenium may help avoid malignancies and heart disease and boost mental and thyroid function. Selenium deficiency affects very few Americans.

    Too much selenium can cause everything from garlic breath to nausea to heart failure. So limit your intake of brazil nuts to two per day due to their high selenium content.

    2. Casu Marzu 

    Casu marzu (rotten cheese) is an illegal cheese in Italy. The cheese, made of sheep’s milk, is deliberately contaminated with maggots. It acquires a delicate texture and delicious flavour after the excrement of the larvae.

    If the maggots die, the cheese spoils, so you must consume the cheese with active grubs (aficionados recommend closing your eyes).

    It would be best if you also chewed the cheese thoroughly to destroy the maggots. Otherwise, they may establish themselves in your intestines.

    1. Fast Food

    This American invention contributes to the number one and number two greatest killers of Americans. Fast food is delicious and nice while also creating addictions to its high fat, high calorie, highly processed, and low-cost products.

    But it has been linked directly to high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity, all leading to heart disease. Furthermore, its preservatives and processing may potentially be connected to some diseases.

    Keeping away from the convenient but potentially deadly temptation of fast food could save your life! Fast food is one of the riskiest food in the long term and is rated one of the foods that can kill you.

    Conclusion Food That Can Kill You

    John Leroy Atwell summed up the dangers in his poem Some Little Bug.

    In these days of indigestion
    It is oftentimes a question
    As to what to eat and what to leave alone;
    For each microbe and bacillus
    Has a different way to kill us,
    And in time they always claim us for their own.
    There are germs of every kind
    In any food that you can find
    In the market or upon the bill of fare.
    Drinking water’s just as risky
    As the so-called deadly whiskey,
    And it’s often a mistake to breathe the air….

    We hope that you are aware know of the foods that can kill you. So think before you eat!

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